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The Greek Island of Lipsi

On this tiny Greek Island holiday rental accommodation in Lipsi is very sort after as, being only 16 sq km in size, there isn't much room to put too many holiday villas or apartments.In Lipsi tourism isn't a significant addition to the list of local industries, and anyone  who does visit this spectacular little island is welcomed into a very close knit community, becoming part of one big happy Greek family! Where farming and fishing form the basis of everyday life on many of the smaller Greek Islands, holiday accommodation in Lipsi will place you firmly in a destination still governed by ancient customs and traditions, so if you like the idea of a totally authentic rural experience, you'll be surrounded by enough rustic character and charm to make it seem like someone has turned the clock back several years - villa and apartment rentals in Lipsi providing you with the perfect excuse to escape the rat race for a couple of weeks and enjoy simplistic lifestyle of good food, fine wine plenty of unbroken sunshine, where you will never be far from the nearest beach. Holiday rental accommodation in Lipsi will give you the opportunity to leave driving at home with the rest of your usual routine, particularly as, if you enjoy walking and cycling, there aren't many places on the island that can not be reached using foot power!!! 


Anna's house with studios to the right.

Rizos Studios.

Anna & Manolis Rizos

Anna's Mobile 00 30 697 6244125 

Address:-Rizos Studios







Please feel free to email or telephone me.

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